…an unbelievable 12 years that…

“I have thought long and hard over the last few months about my future, and after 12 fantastic years playing, for what I regard, as the best club in the world, I have decided the time is right for me to move on.

I joined Manchester United in the hope of winning trophies, and never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how successful we would be during my time here. There have been so many highlights, playing alongside some great players who have become good friends, winning my first Premier League title and also that fantastic night in Moscow are memories that I will cherish forever.

Circumstances didn’t allow for me to say goodbye the way I would have liked but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my teammates, staff, the club & the fans for an unbelievable 12 yrs that I’ll never forget. Winning trophies I dreamed about as a kid came true at this great club.

I am feeling fit and healthy, ready for a new challenge and looking forward to whatever the future holds for me”




  1. t_arnie7@hotmail.com' Tom says:

    Thank you Rio! You and Vidic were the best around in the day, I will never forget Moscow! Good luck!

  2. paulsmith@bexley.ac.uk' paulsmith says:

    Gutted! True United Legend!! I’m sure you had another year left in ya?? Rio and Vidic still have stuff to offer! They’re the sort of players who should retire at Man united!!

  3. pjkingdom@163.com' Jing Pan says:

    Thanks Rio, you are turely amzing. You and Vidic are the best in the MU history. Best wishes for you.

  4. vinay9565@gmail.com' vin says:

    the management of mufc is gone bonkers.
    what they’re doing right now is offloading senior players, but they don’t know that someone is needed to give the youngsters a piece of good advice that comes through only experience.
    All the best, rio. You’ve been a great player for both mufc + england.

    1. krtk.6160@gmail.com' Kartik Shah says:

      We still have Evra, Giggs, Scholesy, Nicky, and Phil Neville. Rio needed to go. Vidic didn’t, but it was his own decision.

      1. jade.gough@live.co.uk' jade says:

        Evras going to… inter Milan

      2. bjornmoe@hotmail.no' Bjørn Moe says:

        Phil Neville is soon to go as well!

  5. thuney.4@gmail.com' eriknut says:

    Congrats on a splendid twelve years at MU. You were a huge reason for the many successes at Old Trafford and you will forever be a legend.

  6. blue.moon718@yahoo.com.sg' BMA says:

    As much as I can’t imagine ManUtd without you (you joined the club around the time I started being a fan, your transfer from Leeds made such huge headlines), I can’t imagine you at a place that’s not ManUtd either. My heart still can’t process this news yet, but I have to respect your choice. Please know that you are very much loved, and you’ll always be a United Legend. Thanks for all the memories and the 12 amazing years Rio 🙂

  7. alex_le_nain@hotmail.com' Alex says:

    So sad we couldn’t say goodbye the way you deserve it. Thanks for everything Rio. You are a true Inspiration, teaching us to stand up for what we believe.

  8. regunited@yahoo.com' Kigazo says:

    Thank you Rio! One of the best defenders in football in the past ten years.

  9. ninhvuonglinh@yahoo.com' Apoca says:

    thank you Rio! best wishes to you from Vietnam!

  10. samliamcornish@gmail.com' Sam Cornish says:

    Thank you Rio!

  11. aseelsalem@gmail.com' Aseel Salem says:

    Thank you Rio. A true Legend!!!

  12. jhounsell@live.com' Jacqui Hounsell says:

    Quality. Thank u Rio

  13. aji.ajimon@yahoo.com' AJ says:

    Thank you Rio for the awesome 12 years. You and Nemanja are the best central defender in the world. Man.United will be so hard to find a defender like you and Vidic. Good luck for your future!! From your fans in Indonesia

  14. nsushka@rambler.ru' Нина Сухорукова says:

    Nooooooo….. We are crying. … ;(((( thank you for your job.

  15. inpook_9@hotmail.com' linpook says:

    I felt like I was going to cry. I have seen players that I love is walking away from this club.
    However, I will love and miss you forever.

  16. anne.hathaway@live.cn' Michael Rodriguez says:

    Thank you Rio! Wish your all the best in the future! Hope you can go to Inter so 515 lives on! 🙂

  17. narrileo@gmail.com' devileo says:

    Thank you Rio! always admired your role and been a rock solid guy in the back 4 line up. U will remain as a ManUtd legend and in our hearts #GGMU and #ThankYouRioFerdy5

  18. rohanmeher22@yahoo.com' Rohan Meher says:

    You will b always b in our heart………#RioFerdy5

  19. praveenelango98@gmail.com' Prav says:

    We will always remember you as one of our legends…. Meet you at SG 🙂

  20. capikajeni@yahoo.com' CapikaJeni says:

    Goodbye Rio. Goodbye Vida We’ll miss you. You guys are the best center-back pairing I’ve ever seen in nearly a decade. Goodluck for your future! #GGMU

  21. usama_ali_90@hotmail.com' Uxama ▲l! says:

    Thank You Rio for the joy you have given us in last 12 years…. true sportsman who just dont want to lose in any circumstance!! Good Bye Legend, hope to see you soon back at OT in any capacity!! #ThankYouRio

  22. geirmagnee@gmail.com' Geir Magne Einarsen says:

    Ferdinand, United legend! Thank you for all great memories.

  23. ferlydp@gmail.com' Ferly Dana P says:

    ThanksRio! Thanks 12years for Manchester United!

  24. ronmoolah@gmail.com' Reagan Nyangi says:

    thank you Rio!! so sad!! but you will always be a manchester united legend!!

  25. imcal007@googlemail.com' Cal says:

    Thanks Rio, You Helped Make My Memories , Happy Memories

  26. jigjags1@gmail.com' Rick Jagger says:

    Thanks Rio and good luck with whatever you do next

  27. shil_p@hotmail.com' Shil says:

    Will hurt to see you play in another kit. Thank you for 12 years, you have been SOLID and red as fred. Best wishes for the future mate. Thorough bred centre back, legendary red at heart.

  28. mmm@fft.co.uk' Milbo says:

    Disgraceful the way United have let you go if reports are to be believed. They could learn a lot from you about integrity and respect. Thanks and good luck Rio, come back and skipper the legends next month.

  29. non@mrnon.com' nonintanon says:


  30. danielhojlund@gmail.com' Daniel Højlund says:

    Respect Rio. Thank you for everything and all you have given to the club! You are a legendary defender and born leader on the pitch, and you have a been a big part of this club’s history. Best wishes for your future.
    You will be remembered.
    Cheers from Denmark

  31. dnnssaitoti299@gmail.com' Samir Totti says:

    Wish you all the best @RioFerdy5.
    Am not a United fan though

  32. mizukiyuu7@hotmail.com' Rean says:

    Thanks a lot, Rio. You & Vida were the heart of United defense, pivotal to our every success. Time to go but always remembered. Also thanks a lot for your signature when I was in Old Trafford! It means a lot to me! 🙂

  33. paul.roughley@gmail.com' Paul says:

    I had my doubts when you joined from Leeds, you proved me wrong with countless classy performances, you had style and made it look easy. You’ll be missed but good luck with a new club, maybe Bournemouth and get them promoted!!

  34. Brendan91@gmail.com' Brendan McCabe says:

    Good luck Rio u wer brilliant for 12 fantastic years, sorry it ended without a final wave 2 your fans

  35. 12388888888888888888884@gmail.com' Stephen says:

    Absolute Legend. Sad to see you go in this way without a proper send off. Best defender in United’s history

  36. Thanks for the memories, Rio! What a great servant to the club, one of the best defenders ever. Gutted to see the heart of our defence, you and Vida, leaving at the same time. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best whatever the future holds. Darn I’m going to miss your pre-season tour diaries. 🙁

    Good luck! Remember that you will always be a United legend.

  37. perdipsingh@hotmail.co.uk' Perdip Singh says:

    Thank you Rio, you are an amazing footballer, just make sure you come back to United and be apart of the club!

  38. ashhad.a.khan@gmail.com' Ashhad Khan Yusufzai says:

    Thank you for everything mate. Gutted that you did not get the chance for a proper goodbye to the fans but you will ALWAYS be a true Manchester United legend. And history will no doubt judge your partnership with Vida as being one of the greatest central defensive pairings in football.

  39. drigerseries@hotmail.com' SexBomb says:

    It is going to be weird looking at the team sheet and not seeing you on there Rio. Hope you have the best of times wherever else you end up in your career! Thank you for 12 years of service that we will never forget!

  40. willallan@live.com' Will Allan says:

    Thank you Rio. The best footballing central defender in England ever in my opinion. I would hope that United can find a role for you in the future when you eventually retire. Good luck in every venture in the future. I would love you to come to Australia and play for a year or two and help progress the game here.

  41. freshmanyear@yahoo.com' Kay says:

    Thank you Rio! Truly 🙁

  42. geirr@sethre.no' Geirr Sethre says:

    Hi Rio. You’ve been a solid rock as long as i can remember, and i think it’s a shame you did not get the chance to receive the tribute you deserve. I salut you, and i hope the board takes into account that this was NOT how supporters of Manu wanted to part with one of the most prominent players we’ve had. I wish you all the best!

  43. egilspo@hotmail.com' Rossoneri says:

    Thanks boss! #Legend #ForeverRedDevil

  44. duncan.cookson@gmail.com' Duncan Cookson says:

    Hi, just want to say thanks for everything, you were a proper player for United, I hope you come back at some point. Loved watching you play over the years. Shame about the last year. With the way things are still being handled, and if some of the rumours are true about how people are being informed about their employment, things aren’t right at the club at the moment. One things for sure, you were never promoted beyond your abilities. All the best with the future….

  45. bayo.alfred@yahoo.com' bayo alfred says:

    im already missing you Rio,i ve enjoyed watching you play for UTD N wish u the best in ya new venture,how i wish u stayed

  46. saajid.jtho@hotmail.com' Saajid says:

    Watching Man United play, I will always look for the experienced players first which are Rio, Vidic, Evra, Giggs, Rooney and so on. We are so United and thinking of a family. It’s sad to see you go but I believe you should come back later on as our Ambassador. We will miss you Rio along with Vidic..Have a wonderful life ahead.

  47. turyamureeda@yahoo.co.uk' Turyamureeba Kashari MP says:


  48. vinay9565@gmail.com' vin says:

    rio, a while ago you tweeted that you do 100 pushups every day.
    i’m set to reach that milestone only because of you. Right now I’m on 40 pushups. A couple of months ago I barely could do 5.
    The no. 5 belongs to only you. Wherever I see the number 5 it reminds me of you – a legendary player, a passionate supporter of united’s & cr7’s 🙂 , a great dad, a gym guy. You’re an inspiration to many people. I wish you all the best in your future. Keep the number 5 forever! #5mag

  49. marcelinarynska@gmail.com' Marcelina says:

    aww Rio … can’t believe it 🙁 what is happening with MU … you, Vidic … 2 legends are gone. Thank you so much for everything, you are incredible defender and the club is gonna miss you on the pitch and in the dressing room, I hardly remember years before you wearing red jersey … I always thought you will retire playing for MU. It’s hard, it’s hard for every MU fan. I can’t find the words to thank you enough for everything. Wish you all the best

  50. 8323837@gmail.com' Tanya Sukhorukova says:

    Can’t imagine MU without you…can’t believe in it:((( Thanks Rio for your brilliant Red’s decade!!! I have certificate from Old Trafford with your “best wishes”, now I say “Best wishes, Rio!!!” I’m waiting football matches with you and new bright wins and goals (perhaps, in Russia?:)) Absolutelly the best defender!!! Just love Rio.

  51. awab_zaid@hotmail.com' A J says:

    Thanks Rio :’)

  52. jay1238me@yahoo.com.hk' vsa says:

    True Red Rio! wish u all the best~ will miss u…

  53. saiyok09@hotmail.com' nisit says:

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  54. d.j@gmail.com' John Rice says:

    you didn’t leave they didn’t give u a contract disgrace really after all you done

  55. jayjay_fawaz@yahoo.com' Jojoloreoluwa says:

    Thank you Rio!

  56. kyriazides@hotmail.com' Chris Kyriazides says:

    For me best defender I have ever seen play in your prime

  57. macawhy@yahoo.co.uk' gbolahan says:

    Your Biggest fan here in Nigeria. The very first time I saw u play was your 1st international cap against Cameroon. Was like this the most clam defender I had ever seen. So the very day on my way to colleague school I heard u were joining Utd was a dream come true for me cos as a Utd fan I felt this was the best defender in the world coming to join us. Sad to see you leave in this manner felt u didn’t deserve this after U. served our great footballing institution for 12 year. Still felt you have a role to play especially seeing Vidic leave too cos Smalling n Jones still need to learn from your wealth of experience.

  58. rased34@gmail.com' john todd says:

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